Peace BAR Festival 2021

In Commemoration of the 40th Anniversary of the UN International Day of Peace Peace BAR Festival

No Time to Lose: A Quest for Immediate Action for Planetary Crisis

Climate change and extreme disasters are sweeping the global community. The socio-ecological crises that humanity is facing, such as climate change, resource depletion, virus outbreaks, life extinction, social polarization and inequality, require us to make different choices and challenges than ever before. Now, humankind must overcome the common crisis of the global society and move toward a new civilization. What should we change and where should we go?

The 2021 Peace BAR Festival (PBF) hosted by Kyung Hee University System explores the direction of the transitional civilization in transition emerging from this global sense of crisis. Reading the problems of the paradigm of modern civilization as crises of consciousness, politics, knowledge, and everyday life, we seek a new direction for transformation. We intend to redesign the overall crisis of the present society is in the coherent and integrated narrative of a transformed civilization.

First, a shift in consciousness. Changes in individuals’ consciousness is a prerequisite in order to protect the earth, our collective home. Such changes must be geared toward restoring human creativity as a basis for unshackling human civilization from the myths of growth and consumption.

Second, a shift in knowledge. It starts with a critical reflection on the limitations of human-centered knowledge production that has powered human civilization over the centuries, which leads to an ecological transition from earth-bound knowledge to planetary knowledge that transcends territorial boundaries to encompass the whole universe.

Third, a shift in politics. Pursue global civic actions and governance for global politics. To avoid the climate apocalypse scenario and to protect protecting earthly civilization, we need to bring human and non-human actors into the realm of politics. This calls for constructing a global community at the planetary level where Earth’s ecological system is an integral part.

Kyung Hee University System has held the PBF every year since the 1st UN World Peace Day. This year, on the 40th anniversary of the International Day of Peace, the Kyung Hee University System launched ‘Miwon Peace Institute’ which encompasses establishing Global Academy Future Civilizations in each Kyung Hee University, Cyber University, and Medical Center. Miwon Peace Institute will plans and implement global civic cooperation agendas as a universal Kyung Hee future peace project platform and will continue its quest towards a better global society.

This year’s PBF will hold a series of dialogues until the second half of this year, focusing on the central agenda “No Time to Lose: A Quest for Immediate Action for Planetary Crisis”. It will be a place to propose a socio-ecological transitional civilization that will save human civilization from the global apocalypse and to pursue common planetary ethics and norms. We look forward to the participation and support of those who are interested in the future of society and future generations.

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About the Peace BAR Festival 2021

Program of Peace BAR Festival 2021

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No Time to Lose: A Quest for Immediate Action for Planetary Crisis

Period: Friday, Sept. 17th, 2021 to Dec. 17th, 2021

Host Kyung Hee University System
Organizer KHU Global Academy for Future Civilizations, Kyung Hee Cyber University, KHU Medical Center

Commemorative Ceremony for the International Day of Peace

Sept. 17th (Friday) 16:00~16:50 (Korean Standard Time)

In celebration of the 40th International Day of Peace, the dialogue series has adopted as its theme ‘No Time to Lose: A Quest for Immediate Action for Planetary Crisis.’ The program will bring together intellectuals and activists from home and abroad to underscore the imperativeness of a planetary-level transition in human civilization to stave off looming global disasters such as climate change, depleting resources, global pandemics, life crisis, and social bipolarization and ensure a better future for the global community. Key to the transition is facing up to the limitations of modern knowledge systems and instituting broad shifts in mentalities, knowledge, everyday life, and politics.

  1. Opening Announcement

    • Young Guk Park, Secretary General, Kyung Hee University System
  2. Update Report on International Day of Peace

    • Han Goo Lee, Rector, Global Academy for Future Civilizations
  3. Commemorative Address

    • Inwon Choue, President, Kyung Hee University System
  4. Voice of Future Generation

    • “The Future We Will Live In”
  5. Recitation of Commemorative Poem

    • “Raise Your Eyes and Look at the Sky, Look at the Ground”
      (written by Miwon Dr. Young-Seek Choue, Founder of Kyung Hee University System)
  6. Keynote Address

    • Ervin László Founder and President, The Club of Budapest
  7. Commemorative Song

    • “Now The Time Has Come” (Ringo Starr)

Dialogue Ⅰ

Sept. 17th (Friday) 17:00~18:00 (Korean Standard Time)

The destructive ideologies of modern civilization are putting all life on Earth at risk. Averting the danger requires a transition toward a completely new set of paradigms and a new foundation of ethical norms that can be universally accepted and upheld by global citizens. It is in this context that the Festival has organized a talk series that invites some of the world’s best minds to diagnose the problems of modern civilization and share their thoughts on the construction of a new future-oriented, global, democratic governance for the world’s common good and future. Kicking off the series will be Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Founder and President of The Club of Budapest, who will address the urgency of ‘mindset or consciousness shifts’ as a prerequisite for successfully tackling the crisis of modern civilization and setting a new course of evolution for the future.

  1. Topic

    • The Crisis of Civilization on Earth and a Revolution of Consciousness
  2. Panel

    • Dr. Ervin László, Founder and President, The Club of Budapest
    • Shin Chung-Shig, Professor, Kyung Hee University, Humanitas College

Dialogue Ⅱ

Oct. 15th (Friday) 10:30~11:50 (Korean Standard Time)

Dialogue II will feature Dr. Ehrlich, a renowned American professor in population studies, who will offer insights into the destiny of Homo sapiens trapped in the myth of limitless growth. Scholars warn that Earth’s capacity to support the coexistence of people and nature that has continued since time immemorial is nearing a breaking point. The dialogue will shed light on what kind of earth knowledge and practices are needed to save the future of human society from the looming crisis. 

  1. Topic

    • Are Homo Sapiens Destined to be Trapped in the Myth of Unlimited Growth or Do They Have the Potential to Transform Themselves?
  2. Panel

    • Paul R. Ehrlich, Emeritus Chair Professor, Department of Biology Stanford University
    • Jae Chun Choe, Distinguished Professor of EcoScience, Ehwa Women’s University

Dialogue Ⅲ

Oct. 15th (Friday) 10:30~11:50 (Korean Standard Time)

This dialogue will feature Avi Loeb, Harvard professor of astronomy, who has championed research challenging Earth-centered conventional views on the universe. Dr. Loeb’s discussion of the possible existence of space aliens will set the stage for rethinking our astronomical views and pondering the meaning of human civilization in the broader context of the universe, which will lead to an exploration of ways to restructure human knowledge systems to suit alternative takes on the cosmos. 

  1. Topic

    • The Arrival of Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Solar System: Will the Identity and Destiny of Earth be Rewritten?
  2. Panel

    • Avi Loeb, Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science, Department of Astronomy, Harvard University
    • Hyeong-mok Lee, Professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University

Dialogue Ⅳ

Nov. 26th (Friday) 16:00~17:20 (Korean Standard Time)

The presenter for this dialogue will be Dr. Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, founding director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. Dr. Schellnhuber will discuss the threat of the climate change age and the breaking point at which the Earth system will no longer be able to support its inhabitants. The dialogue will be an opportunity to contemplate the apocalyptic scenarios about Earth’s climate system and what can be done to head them off for a healthier Earth down the road.

  1. Topic

    • The Age of Climate Change: How Can We Survive the Crisis?
  2. Panel

    • Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Director Emeritus of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
    • Chun-Ho Cho, Professor, Future Human Science School, Kyung Hee Cyber University

Wrap-up Roundtable

Dec. 17th (Friday) 10:30~11:50 (Korean Standard Time)

This part of the dialogue series wraps up the program with discussions about how to reset the future direction of human civilization to successfully cope with the multitude of threats it faces and design a new global governance system suitable for a more sustainable future human society.

  1. Topic

    • No Time to Lose: A Quest for Immediate Action for Planetary Crisis
    • - Declaration for the future human society


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